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Meticulous Shirt Service

It’s in the details. Helping you look your best.

Quality shirts need to be handled with utmost care and attention to keep them looking sharp and lasting a long time.

  • every shirt is inspected at prewash
  • cuffs and collars are hand treated if necessary
  • shirts are washed and dried according to their care label and your starch requirements
  • shirts are pressed on the best equipment
  • special shirt hangers are selected to keep the proper shape of the collar and shoulders
  • each shirt is again inspected and touched up by hand
  • any missing or damaged buttons are replaced
  • for French cuffs plastics studs are used to keep the shape
  • each shirt is bagged with biodegradable plastic to maintain the highest quality

For customers who prefer their shirts folded, shirts are packed with recycled tissue paper and protected in
individual biodegradable bags and delivered in recycled paper bags.

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