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Image experts that care, clean and preserve your clothes without chemicals. Est: 1945.

Sheldon FishmanSheldon Fishman | CEO
Has been working at Fishman’s for 23 years. His vision has led him to create the strongest operational team in the industry. The ongoing expansion with the company is reflected of his own growth and his drive to bring his team along with him. Now the leader of a third generation family business, Sheldon is proud of the legacy he continues to pursue.

Tasha FishmanTasha Fishman | Marketing & Development
Has been working with Fishman’s for over 8 years. She loves that she can bring her past experience of strategic planning and development to her new family business. She loves working alongside her husband to help them realize their vision of excellence for their customers, their staff and their family.

Cheman NaveaChemen Navea | CEO, Skip The Laundry
Has developed into the Customer Service Manager over the past nine years of service with the company. Her strong character and admirable work ethic has made her an integral part of the Fishman team. She appreciates the challenges and tasks of the business and enjoys the people she works with daily.

LacyLacy Roy | Customer Service Manager
Lacy has been with Fishman’s for the past 6 years and has recently joined the Customer Service Management team. Her years of experience and knowledge lend insight to her new role on the Fishman Team as well as providing an opportunity to support other team members. Lacy enjoys the fast paced work environment and embraces daily challenges. She enjoys interacting with our customers daily and appreciates the people she works with.

Kevin TaullierKevin Tailleur | Operations Manager
Has been servicing Fishman’s on a consultant basis for over twenty six years. Now a remarkable part of the Fishman team, Kevin leads the entire operations side of the company. Although he has a vast responsibility, Kevin enjoys the people he works with and the tasks of building an empire.

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