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Solvent Free

Image experts that care, clean and preserve your clothes without chemicals. Est: 1945.

Solvent Free

Image experts that care, clean and preserve
your clothes without chemicals. Est: 1945.

What does it mean to be solvent free?

Fishman’s has made the commitment to the environment, our customers and our staff, to eliminate ALL SOLVENTS from the garment care process. Fishman’s no longer uses PERC, hydrocarbon or Solvent K4 in any of our processes. Other drycleaners are calling these new alternative solvents that are replacing PERC, “eco-friendly, organic or non toxic“. The truth is, the majority of these solvents are petroleum or vegetable based. Either way, these products are refined and turned into a cleaning fuel. These solvents are combustible, are reused hundreds of times, build up bacteria in the drycleaning machines, and create a thick, black industrial waste by product that needs to be handled by an environmental waste company. Most dryclean businesses call themselves environmentally friendly only because they do not use PERC, but are they really? Fishman’s has made the commitment to change this and revolutionize the fabricare industry.

Unlike traditional drycleaning, Fishman’s has introduced Soft Wash X-Treme Care. This technology give a more gentle , but superior cleaning ability. Our process offers superior stain removal and it restores the garment’s natural beauty in touch and appearance. Our whites are whiter and our colors are brighter. Recycled solvent in the traditional dryclean process causes dull and grey discoloration to the finished garments. Our process, along with our hypoallergenic and biodegradable detergents, uniformly coat and protect the garments from damage, color bleeding and safe drying.

Fishman’s knows that our work is not done. To truly be a friend to the environment and reduce our footprint, more initiatives will be needed to continue to be the leader in our industry. Our agenda will look towards more recycling and filtering of water, recapturing heat from boilers and equipment, reusing packaging, cardboard and plastic as bio mass fuel, and even more efficient delivery vehicles. Fishman’s wants our customers to feel good about supporting a company that is forward thinking and an industry leader.

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