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Cancer Free Cleaning

Image experts that care, clean and preserve your clothes without chemicals. Est: 1945.

Fishman’s is the FIRST & ONLY Wet Cleaner in Calgary!

For nearly 75 years, Fishman’s has been an expert and leader in the garment care industry. With a deep desire to care for our clients and their health, we have made the leap into the future of cleaning: Welcome to the Wet Cleaning Movement!

By choosing Fishman’s, you are choosing to be part of a revolution! You are joining forces with a company who is making sustainable and ethical practice the new standard. Leaders always set the bar high: Please Join Us!

Why is Wet Cleaning the safest choice?

  • Wet Cleaning is 100% Solvent Free. It does NOT use toxic chemicals
  • Wet Cleaning is completely NON-TOXIC to human health and the environment.
  • Wet Cleaning keeps carcinogens and volatile compounds out of your garments and away from your homes, families & pets.

Dry Cleaning & Your Health

Dry Cleaning & Your Health

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