Comforters Duvets and Sleeping Bags only $20 - Fishmans

The summer heat is climbing and makes the ideal time to strip your beds and have your comforters, duvets and sleeping bags in to Fishman’s for a good cleaning.

For the month of June have your bedding cleaned. Any size from twin to king bring it in for only $20!

How often should your have your comforters, duvets and sleeping bags cleaned?

More often than not, it is a good rule of thumb to wash the bedding that is closets to your body every week. While items like a duvet which usually has a duvet cover should be washed 2 – 3 times a year. Read more on the best practices for washing and caring for your comforters and duvets here.

When did you wash your sleeping bag last?

Your sleeping bag might not seem like a piece of gear that requires much maintenance, but taking good care of it will help it last longer – and keep you warmer. Read more about how Fishman’s cares for your sleeping bag here.