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Fishman’s & EveryDaE Style

Fishman’s & EveryDaE Style

We think about things a little differently than we did even a few years ago. Issues that didn’t really matter to us on a daily basis have now crept up on our radar and we take note.

Making less of a carbon footprint and not being wasteful is one of our key initiatives as we help women look their best and tackle life. We are on a mission to convince women to simplify and streamline their wardrobes and we promise them it will help them lead a more meaningful life.

This is one reason we have happily aligned ourselves with Fishman’s. They are innovative and full of vision and want to be part of the journey to help us all get the most out of life. Fishman’s frees you from the burden of laundry and cleaning, so you have more time to focus on what matters. We’ve heard it over and over from their talented team, “Time is Love.” From their mending service, to caring for delicate items and even shoe polish and repair, they are committed.

Now, they have made some very bold changes when it comes their carbon footprint. Fishman’s no longer uses harmful chemicals in their cleaning process. Many common dry-cleaning chemicals are known to contaminate the air, water and can be dangerous for workers. The decision to go chemical-free was based on wanting to do what was right instead of focusing on the bottom line.

We all talk about how important it is to protect the environment and now supporting Fishman’s is one more way for us to all do our part. Their pick-up and delivery services are exceptional, and it really does create more time for us to tackle our days.

Fishman’s is now a third-generation business and they will continue to move the company forward. We’re glad they have a big picture take on the world and we are excited to see what other innovative changes they have planned for the future.

Denise and Erika
EveryDaE Style

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