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Fishman’s: How to make Confidence your Style

Whether you are returning back to school, getting the kids ready for their first day or preparing for your return to the office, let confidence be your style. When trends and fads pass over the years, confidence is the best style you can wear.

We all know that when we think we have nailed an outfit we also feel we can take on the world. At least for that day. Because the opposite is also true. Throw on any old thing, rush your hair and make-up and there is a strong chance that you’ll be feeling less confident.

3 Steps to Build Your Confidence?

1. Practice Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Everything begins within. The words we say to ourselves and the thoughts we think have a huge impact on our outlook. To build confidence first needs to begin with reframing and training your mindset to think more positively.

The first step is awareness, realize when those negative thoughts start to form and stop them dead in their tracks. Replace them with something positive about yourself or something positive that you have done that day. This is a habit that will need continuous awareness and action to form a new mental pathway.

2. Confidence in your Body Language

When you may not feel confident, you can adjust your body language to appear confident. To put this principle into action it is a simple 1, 2, 3

  1. Take a deep breath, 2. raise you head and 3. throw your shoulders back.

Confidence is a habit, it will feel uncomfortable at first, with practice and persistence it will start to become natural.

3. Own Your Style

Think about that particular outfit you were wearing, maybe it was the shoes, the jacket or the way you styled your hair. Often how we feel is closely linked to our confidence and our outward expression.

Calgary stylist, author, and mental health advocate, Yalda Kazemi’s says it best,

“If you wear confidence, you can wear anything”

Yalda Kazemi –

Isn’t that the truth, when you truly feel good in what you are wearing you can accomplish anything. The first step to feel confident in what you are wearing is to have the proper fit for your body. Altering your clothing with ensure the ‘off the rack’ garment was made specifically for you!

Because one size does not fit all and there is nothing worse than your pants dragging on the ground, your blouse falling off your shoulders or your jeans gapping at the back.

At Fishman’s we have seamstresses and tailor’s with an eye for fashion and attention to detail at each of our 9 locations.

Come in for a fitting, no appointment necessary.