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How to Wash your Sleeping Bag

Living at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, camping has become a favourite for Calgarian’s to get out of the city and enjoy summer, our beautiful backyard.  Whether you are taking the family out for a weekend trip or you are packing up for an overnight trek, sleeping bags are sure to be on your check list.

When did you wash your sleeping bag last?

Your sleeping bag might not seem like a piece of gear that requires much maintenance, but taking good care of it will help it last longer – and keep you warmer.

Mud, dust, s’mores, campfire smoke and whatever else you do in your tent – it’s time to wash your sleeping bag

How to wash your sleeping bag

Eliminate the guess work! With quality sleeping bags, typically results in a larger investment. That is why more people prefer to have their sleeping bags professionally laundered and you can trust Fishman’s with their superiors care and green cleaning. Maintaining and caring for your sleeping bags will result in a longer lifespan for your gear!

Machine washing: Wash the sleeping bag using a front-loading washing machine with warm water set on a gentle cycle. Use mild soap. Rinse and spin twice. Most home washing machines are generally not large enough for thorough cleaning. Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners has industral sized laundry machines offering ample room for a gentile yet comprehensive clean.

We understand that sleeping bags are designed with specialized materials, either down or synthetic and certain solvents can strip the natural oils from the sleeping bag. At Fishman’s we are dedicated to take superior care of your sleeping bag from the inside out. Never dry cleaning, but delicately laundering your sleeping bag with a natural solution and drying at a low heat.

Washing by hand: Best done on a hot, sunny day. Fill a bathtub with warm water, add a mild soap and mix thoroughly.

If you choose to wash and dry your bag yourself, keep in mind that drying alone will take at least two to three hours (down takes a little longer than synthetic).

Visit one of our various locations in Calgary to have your professionally cared for and cleaned. Our team with check the zippers and see if any repairs need to be address before cleaning.

Tips between Trips

Whether your bag is down or synthetic, it’s smart to keep it clean, dry and protected as you camp. It’ll last longer and insulate more efficiently. This particularly applies to down sleeping bags, but synthetic bags can also benefit from the following tips

  • Sleep in clean clothes when you’re camping. Your bag will absorb the dirt and sweat from the clothes you wore all day.
  • Air out your bag in the sun for a few minutes each day of your trip.
  • After your trip, air out your bag for an hour or so in sunlight. Be sure it’s completely dry when you put it away.
  • Store it in a large cotton or mesh bag

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