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How to Change Message Preferences

Please be patient as we work thru the requirements of the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Fishman’s sends transactional and promotional messages thru Email and SMS

Transactional messages will update your order and delivery status

Promotional messages contain special offers and sales messages


An Email verification will be sent to your email address

If you have not received the email verification call Fishman’s Customer Service @ 1 403-228-6995 to request the verification be sent

Email messages contain a Preferences link specific to your Fishmans customer ID

Use the form, sent with each email, (example below) to select your communication preferences:


Fishman’s SMS Transactional messages are delivered from +1 672-202-3366

Fishman’s SMS Promotional messages are delivered from +1 236-326-8634

SMS message control commands

YES – Thank-you. You will now receive Text Messages from Fishman’s

HELP – Call Fishman’s at 403-228-6995

STOP – You are Opted out of SMS messages from Fishman’s. To opt back in type START

START – (no message sent) Note: START takes affect 30 days after STOP

PREF – Go to Communication preference information


Call Fishman’s Customer Service 403-228-6995

Request to turn on or off transaction and promotional Email and SMS communication preferences