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Shoe Shine
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We’re a shoe-in for your footwear care!

Shoe Shine
& Repair

We fix shoes & boots, restore and recondition to keep you one step ahead!

Our shoe cobblers have more than 10 years experience in shoe shine and repair.

Fishmans is excited to bring to our customers the very best in fine shoe repair service. We offer full shoe repair service in mens and ladies, casual and dress shoes. We perform all types of shoe repairs. We have professional shoe repair technicians on staff to ensure the best quality consistently.

Shoe Services Include:
check Shoe Conditioning/Shine
check Winterizing
check Heel Lifts
check Protective Soiling
check Heel Lining
check Rebuilds
check Zippers
check Stitching

Shoe conditioning/shine
Our professional shoe technician can handle any type of footwear, including men’s, women’s, casual, designer, and dress shoes. Whether you need to waterproof your work shoes or protect leather boots, he will expertly inspect your footwear to determine the best treatments and procedure to use on the material. With years of experience, plus a custom-shoe building business, under his belt, you can trust that your shoes are being treated with quality care.

Our professional shoe technician also provides top-of-the-line shoe shining. Your shoes are treated by specialized UV equipment that helps kill any bacteria that causes odour, followed by a hand polish, top shine, and re-edging—where faded shoe sides are inked and polished. Your shoes will come out clean, polished, and professional-looking.

The salt used to melt ice in Calgary damages and discolours footwear. Shoes made from leather are particularly susceptible to this damage. Our professional shoe technician can help extend the life of your footwear, and protect it by treating it with a protective coat, sealing the material off from salt and reducing the likelihood of the elements damaging your shoes.

Heel lifts
Heel lifts are inserts inside the shoe, which add height and make the wearer appear taller. The use of heel lift orthotics can also help balance out and increase comfort for people experiencing discrepancies in leg length, correcting the influences of short leg. Our professional shoe technician deals with men’s, women’s, and all types of footwear, and can assist you with fitting a heel lift that meets your needs.

Protective soling
Fine dress shoes often have leather soles that wear out quickly. Installing a protective rubber sole will help extend the longevity of expensive shoes from walking wear, and prevents you from needing a complete resoling. Expensive repairs and total rebuilds can be avoided by actively maintaining your shoes, adding simple protective measures that reduce their daily wear and tear.

Heel lining
After a certain amount of time, material inside the shoe will rub away from normal wear. Heel lining replaces this material by the ankle bone with a soft deerskin liner, which eliminates uncomfortable and/or painful chafing.

If your shoes are extremely damaged, rebuilding is a resource that can help restore them to their previous appearance. Depending on your concerns, our professional shoe technician can remove and replace the sole, stitching, heel block, or filler cork. As an experienced custom shoe-maker, our professional shoe technician is experienced in resoling, fixing, and dying shoes.

Whether you need to fix teeth that have been lost, or a stuck slider, we can repair any shoe-related zipper issues. We can also replace any problematic zippers with completely new ones.

We utilize a high tensile stitch that ensures your footwear will stay together properly. We take the utmost care in handling delicate materials, including leather. In addition to shoes, we can also repair bags and purses.

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