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Truth About Green Drycleaning

The Truth About Green Drycleaning

by Sheldon Fishman

Many Drycleaners claim to be Green Cleaners-what does this mean?
First, a brief history…

Most drycleaners have traditionally used a combo of perc and washing
We all have heard that perc is environmentally unfriendly and there has been a move to replace perc with alternative drycleaning solvents. Does this make a drycleaner “Green”?

Perc or perchlorethelene, the main drycleaning solvent for the last 90-100 years. It is the best grease remover we know. Does not remove sweat or water soluble stains without additives. Perc is a known pollutant for air and is harmful for health as being a carcinogenic. Drycleaners have been dealing with Environment Canada for years for the safe purchase, usage and disposal of perc.

In Calgary, the alternatives to perc are primarily hydrocarbon based solvents and Solvent K4. What are these and are they environmentally safe, and safe for health?

Hydrocarbon solvent and Solvent K4- beware of false claims. They have been referred to as organic cleaning. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of compounds containing carbon. It has nothing to do with organic growth or food. Gasoline is an organic compound, not grown organically like healthy food.
Solvent K4 is a newer solvent to replace perc. It is composed mostly of butylal, also called dibutoxymethane. It is called safe, perhaps only because it is very new to the market. It still is an unnecessary chemical in your clothing and creates a waste by product that is considered hazardous waste by many criteria.

The “greenest” drycleaning solution is professional wetcleaning. Fishman’s has taken this process much further to a Soft Wash System. The safest, softest and freshest cleaning for your clothes. Fishman’s has gone where all but a few will try. True green cleaning. The investment of knowledge and technology along with the desire to be the best has driven this company to the forefront again. Ask other drycleaners how they clean your clothes….you decide.

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