Two New Services at Fishmans - Fishmans

Two New Services at Fishmans

The new reality of business for Fishman’s….it’s coming!

These economic times in Calgary have forced a big shift in the way companies do business. The reality of the 3 levels of government that we face in Calgary today has drastically changed the business environment that I am used to operating in.

I grew up believing in “The Alberta Advantage, ” an environment conducive to promoting business. That advantage is gone and I am pissed off. The good ol’ days are behind us and I am forced to change my right of centre beliefs in order to adapt and survive.

I was out for dinner the other night with a colleague of mine. We were both talking about some of the difficulties that we both face in the new light of high property taxes, carbon taxes, higher wages, high pump prices, a long depressed economy, and really see no end in sight in the short term. We both agreed that we must adapt and retain our customers in order to survive and thrive. How do we do this?

Fishman’s has to adapt and make sure that our value is much higher than anyone else. We want to make it impossible for our customers to go anywhere else. We want to help you get things done, enjoy more time, and offer more services. We are thinking outside of the box.


We are excited to offer two more services to our clients.

First, wash and fold. A separate bag that fill as full as possible and we look after the rest. Leave it on your door step with your regular drycleaning bag and we will bring it back on your next scheduled delivery day. We use citrus based biodegradable soaps that are hypoallergenic and brought back to a neutral PH. A healthy process that is super convenient. We will have the new look bags available soon.

Second, we will be introducing our unique Fishman’s Mobile Tailor. I hate getting alterations done. I have to go somewhere, get undressed, fitted and re-dressed. For me, a big pain. We will have 5 tailors available at Fishman’s and they are hungry for your business. Call us and we will make arrangements to have someone come to your home or office and get you fitted. The alterations will be brought back on a mutually decided time or regular scheduled delivery day. Have a group for a function? Get them all together and we will send our best tailors to fit everybody at once. No stress and simple!

Lastly, we are continuing our green initiatives. We want to go plastic free! No more plastic on the floor of your closet!! My wife, Tasha, is exploring the most reasonable avenues to accomplish this goal. We need your feedback!

Tell Tasha and I what would help make your life easier, an idea to help fit your busy lifestyle. Please reply with some suggestions!

All the best!
Sheldon Fishman

Sheldon Fishman

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