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Why Shoe Repair is Sustainable & Saves You Money!

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes? You know that pair that has weathered the seasons or danced the night away with you.  When you have finally worn them in, no more blisters. Success! Until, you notice the heels are wearing down. Your soles are thinning, or perhaps the snowy and rainy season has left salt stains or water rings on your shoes.

Hope is not lost!

Your worn and battered shoes can walk another day!

Shoe Repair vs. Shoe Replacement

At Fishman’s we recognize the importance of repairing over replacing. Of course, the costs and benefits of shoe repair depend largely on what type of shoes you may have. Athletic shoes that cost $50 or less likely aren’t worth more than a quick shoe-glue fix. Your $200 dress shoes or boots, on the other hand, are worth putting into the expert hands of a shoe cobbler.

Our lead Shoe Cobbler at Fishman’s shares how you can save money in the long run through quality maintenance. Much like the ways we choose to maintain our vehicles with bi-monthly oil and tire changes, the same mindset should be in place to care for the longevity of our shoes.

“High quality shoes can be resoled from 3 to 10 times. Quality Men’s heels can be fixed 7 to 10 times, and quality women’s shoes can typically undergo 5 to 8 heel fixes,“ says Sam Mustapha, lead shoe cobbler at Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners.  “It is possible to get more than 20 years of life out of high-quality shoes that you choose to repair. This makes it less expensive for you to repair your footwear rather than discard shoes and purchase new ones.”

Sam Mustapha

Overall, you can save money in the long run by repairing quality shoes instead of wearing them out, neglecting additional care and ultimately replacing them. The key to long life for your shoes is to care for them with some basic shoe maintenance along the way and have a good shoe cobble who can assist you with quality repairs and protective shoe-shining.

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